Friday, December 30, 2011

Just in case... (Resolutions for 2012)

A lot of sources (albeit ancient sources) say that 2012 may be Earth's last year.  Of course, there are three groups of people as a result: skeptics (2012 is just another year), believers (2012 is our last year!), and the oblivious (What's a Mayan calendar?).  I am not sure which group I fall into, but I'm leaning towards the believers...for one small reason.  I don't actually think the world will end in 2012, but maybe I'll live by these words anyway..."just in case".  What if it is the last year?  What would you do?  What would you say?  How would you live your life?

Here's my "just in case" list for 2012, ya know, just in case.

 Just in case this is my last NYE, I don't want overpriced cocktails, shouting over a crowd of strangers, or the ultimate let down of planning a super-fun night.  You see, the best adventures in life are never, ever planned.  I have only come to this revelation in the last few years.  Before that, I was a victim of disillusionment from movies, TV, and the media.  While I love When Harry Met Sally more than I love some of my own friends (you know who you are:) ), I realize that the last scene of that movie is really The Devil.  New Year's Eve generally does not end with hoards of singing people covered in confetti and a love proclamation.  So, this year, just in case it's the last one, I want to spend NYE with people I love, talking, dancing, rapping...ya know.  Sometimes the best plan is to ditch the plan.

Other resolutions?

Well, guess you'll just have to wait and see...but just in case, I'll be working on that list!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Smart Art: Idea for a GNO (Girl's Night Out)

Someone once told me, "Less is More."  I think that was my kindergarten teacher, and I think it involved my liberal use of the finger paints.  Despite the fact that my work won't be hanging in the Louvre any time soon, making art is still a fantastic form of expression, a means of relaxation, and it's a lot of fun.  My BFSJBWATIHME (Best Friend Since Justin Bieber Was A Twinkle In His Mama's Eye-Think that acronym will catch on??) and I decided to try something different for our latest adventure in Charlotte: painting wine glasses.  You've seen them on the shelves of your favorite kitschy boutique or arty bargain store; personalized wine glasses for that special occasion, the colors of a favorite team, or a specific holiday theme are the perfect gift for the vino drinker on your list.

Wine and Design is located on East Boulevard across from Moe's and just down from Cantina 1511 (  The upstairs studio boasts all kinds of opportunities to release your inner Monet: pet painting (canvas not K9), guided painting, open studio time, and much more.  Their website features a calendar with the various guided painting experiences offered weekly.  The friendly, trendy staff helps to set you up with your paint colors of choice and materials, while you pour your favorite wine, which is BYOB.  Tara and I had oodles of fun, enjoyed conversation with other amateur artists, and painted to our hearts' content to the seasonal tunes of "Baby, it's Cold Outside" and "Christmas Canon".  Here are five reasons you should try a "Girl's Art Out":

1) Painting is proven to be soothing after a stressful day/week, and on a Friday night, it's better for you than that third martini
2) Every girl loves a personalized wine glass (whether a gift or one you make yourself)
3) Meeting new people, being nosy and asking questions, and overall adult social interaction is a must
4) BYOB means you're out on the town without spending a fortune
5) " Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."  ~Pablo Picasso

I think my kindergarten teacher would be proud that I still got it! (She's rolling her eyes in Heaven-That girl was the worst artist:) )