Saturday, February 4, 2012

Change of Taste

  I think it's really funny how tastes change over the years.  It's kind of nice to be at an age where you can clearly spot, identify, and even laugh about phases of the past.  Everything is clearer in retrospect.

  I wouldn't say I don't like any of my passe hobbies or interests anymore, but I definitely don't have the passion for them that I once did.  So, take a moment and think about your own phases.  Food, fashion, friends??  It's one of the quirks of life to change your tastes.  Some people are better about sticking with one or two passions for the long haul.  I really admire those people, but at the same time, I think it's okay to change.  Think about the people who have the same hairstyle for 20 years!  That's a little too long to rock the Dorothy Hammill haircut!

Here are some phases I've had, so feel free to laugh, or start your own phase!

1) I Live in NC, but Constantly Eat Cajun Food Phase- I still like it spicy, and I'll still eat Cajun food when I get the chance at Charlotte's own Cajun Queen in Elizabeth.  Delish!  However, there was once a time when I was eating Cajun food without pause, and starting to sound like Rene off of True Blood (Just kidding...laisser le bon temps rouler).  I think this was brought on by a 2002 visit to New Orleans; I tend to latch on to the places I visit, especially when they are super cool.

2) Independent Film Phase-Long, awkward silences, lots of chewing in dark, desolate diners, and often times gratuitous violence.  Um, sign me up??  I'm all for "artsy" and "moody"; I own the movie Broken English with Parker Posey, which is definitely all of the aforementioned.  However, I think the film Drive has driven me away from this phase.  Despite Ryan Gosling's hotness.

3) Foreign Film Phase-I used to love watching movies in Spanish or French; I liked the sound of these languages, and trying to decipher what they were saying when I had to go to the fridge.  This phase was short-lived; as my eyesight has worsened, so has my desire to read and watch a movie at the same time.  But maybe if I get Lasik...

4) Honey On Everything Phase-Bread, chicken, in coffee, on fries...too bad I'm not a beekeeper.  This gets expensive quickly!

5) I'm Going To Be A Surfer Phase- Ummm, I don't live near the ocean.  Just because I watched Blue Crush, I thought I was the next Laird Hamilton.  This was one of the most unrealistic phases, but I did buy a lot of cute, early 20s person clothes at PacSun.

6) Boxing Phase-After watching Million Dollar Baby, I was getting all Laila Ali  on every punching bag in the county.  I don't know if this phase was aggression-driven, or if I just liked the idea of warming my hands in those giant gloves.

7) I like _______ music phase-This phase is more generic because it comes and goes, and it's part of being open to new tuneage.  With the invention of iTunes, who has not had a particular music phase in the last ten years?  I will say that I most recently found the Avett Brothers, and they are definitely making the move to the top of my iPod playlist!

8) I like flannel and vampires phase-This was, of course, a Twilight-induced stupor that came on shortly after I read book # 1 and lasted until I finished book # 4.  This phase was really awesome (just kidding).  I found myself wearing long underwear-esque shirts and listening to a lot of emo music from the soundtrack.  I also thought I might fall for someone pale...or over 100.

9) I'm an artist phase-I'm not an artist.  I just play one on occasion.  I have tried many different mediums: canvas, glass, wood, etc.  All of these were epic fails.  All of you are safe; most of them will never be seen by human eye.  Hmmm, that picture of Dorian Gray is somewhere in my attic...

10) The Pepsi Phase-I really thought I was going to become a Pepsi fan to be different, but alas, I like Coke Zero, and I cannot lie.  NO, Coke didn't pay me for that, but they should.

Moral of the story: We all have our little fads, phases, and moments of sheer insanity; however,  we eventually realize what we once thought was cool or cutting edge has become old, tired, or sad.  Hopefully, we won't say the same for ourselves one day.  Following fads and trends, or falling in love with a new product, idea, or genre keeps us fresh and young.  We all have our old faithfuls that we return to, because we're creatures of habit.  So, after a while, we go back to sweet and sour sauce instead of honey, or we realize that moving to Hawaii is really out of the question.  Unless the cards fall into place, the stars align, and that phase that everyone thought was crazy turns out to be the best thing you ever did.

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