Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The End of Summer 2012

The End of Summer IS near!  Maybe not close enough, for those of us tired of sweating, melting, and withering in the seemingly endless heat of the South.  I always look forward to Fall for all of the obvious reasons (Football, Pumpkin beer, Festivals, 5Ks, and the list goes on).  However, I think sometimes the end of summer gets a bad rap.  The end of summer squeaks by without so much as a wave, much less a proper send-off.  So, I thought I would blog today about the end of summer.  Despite the sunburns it has dished out, it deserves a goodbye.

The best of Summer 2012:

Awesome, awesome start to the summer (well, my summer, which started in July) at the Shinedown concert.  Shinedown is hard rock enough for the Harley riders, but mainstream enough for your mama.  It's radio edit with an edge.  I really enjoyed an impromptu trip to Myrtle Beach for this show, at the House of Blues.  I liked the venue, which was enclosed, dark, and almost resembled a barn with several lofts, and the stage on the ground floor.  The show was fantastic, too.  Say what you will, hipsters, but sometimes playing the hits will get you everywhere with fans.

Another summer fun experience?  Food, of course.  I had some truly delicious meals in the QC.  I got to try Savannah Red during Queen's Feast/Restaurant Week, and it was phenomenal.  Talk about ambiance!  This sassy spot is tucked just inside the Marriott.  With warm oranges and reds presiding in the color palette, SR creates a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere as soon as you step through its doors.  Then, you're greeted with funky, interesting one-of-a-kind artwork, some on the wall and some functional, as the table is adorned with pottery.  You actually drink from a hand-made clay goblet.  The food itself was out of this world, from the spicy shrimp and grits to the Krispy Kreme bread pudding, served on fire!!  I felt like I was Katniss living it up in the Capitol.  Luckily, no one forced me into survival mode right afterward, because I practically had to be rolled out like Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Another summer treat?  Time with family and friends at the pool, the beach, and lunch.  I love being able to take the time to spend with those I love.  I like having the time to squeeze baby Emory, take GK to the library, and go to lunch with Tara, Colleen, or Melissa!  I really like having the free time to drive to SC, so that I can get a few extra minutes with my amazing man.

Yep, Summer 2012 delivered in many ways.  The Olympics were fun to watch, and I was once-again reminded of my physical limitations, but inspired to keep doing what I do (Mediocre runners unite)!  It's a time when we can reach for white wine, even though we love red.  It's a place where naps are not only acceptable, but a daily habit which we chastise ourselves for at night.  As they say in Jamaica, "It's not's see you later!"  So, see you later, Summer.

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