Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dandy Date: Dinner at the Dandelion Market

Upon first glance, Dandelion Market looks like just another tiny bar on a side street in Uptown Charlotte.  However, once you step through the doors, you'll believe otherwise.  I first tried tapas (Spanish-inspired mini meals or appetizers) in Washington DC back in the early 2000s.  I found them to be hip, cool, and trendy at the time, but didn't realize that nearly ten years later, I would still love the concept.  It doesn't matter if your appetite comes in small, medium, or large, tapas can fit the bill for any meal.  Dandelion Market boasts a selection of delicious treats such as the "Prosciutto Crostini" or the "Lamb Lollipops".  The tapas dishes usually run from about $7-$10, so they are easy to split and they won't break the bank.  

In addition to yummy treats, DM offers $25 bottles of wine, and no corkage fee, so you can enjoy a delightful glass of Carmenere (hot new Red) and take the rest to go.  But you may want to hang around at Dandelion Market.  Whether you're downstairs in the spacious dining area, or upstairs in the bar area, you'll find the dark wood, low lighting, and pub-like feel to be inviting.  Dandelion Market is also featured on Restaurant.com right now, so grab a coupon and head Uptown for a Dandy Dinner!

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