Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cravin' more in Charlotte

So it's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to...okay, not my words, but those of Aliyah in "Try Again" (or whoever raps on that track with her anyway).  But it has been a busy couple of months, so the blog suffered a backseat to my other agenda items such as "work at thankless job" or " move for the second time in a year".  But I'm back to bloggin' with a killer recommendation for all you foodies in the Charlotte area.  It's only the hottest place to hit Graham street...Crave Dessert Bar.  I had heard about this decadent eatery from a valet attendant back in January.  He asked my friend and I, "Are y'all going to smoke hookah now?" as we were leaving restaurant week at Morton's Steakhouse.  We replied with the average, run-of-the-mill response, I suppose, "Uh, no".  Hookah?  Were we the caterpillars from Alice in Wonderland.  But it piqued our interest, and turns out, the spot he referred to was Crave.  A few, or uh 10 months, later we finally landed at Crave after a dinner out to celebrate my divorce (it's final ladies and gentlemen...woot) and we were stunned to find that this place was hopping on a Saturday night.  There were, of course, your club goers in dresses that would make Snooki blush, your hipsters contemplating Plato over the hookah, your baller, shot callers, you get the idea.  And there were a few average citizens, i.e. us, who were seated outside.  We ended up preferring the outside to the inside, as the inside seemed trendier, noiser, and was also mostly reserved for people who pull up in stretch hummers (shout out, Melissa).  But seriously, the ambiance is pretty killer, if you're looking for a low-key, yet happening, spot to spend a Friday or Saturday night.

On to the desserts and drinks, and all I can say is "Wow".  You've got the signature cocktail, the One Night Stand that is literally smokin' (as dry ice is involved), and your classic city drink, the Manhattan (no matter what city), as well as Bellinis, spiked coffees, champagne concoctions, and of course your designer drinks with the ironic names, like the "Clean Slut".  I went with water on my last visit, but I have tried the ONS and the Sweet Surrender (a strawberry martini of sorts).  But if you're not the libation sort, or you're driving, might I suggest the desserts, hence the name.  The red velvet cake is THE BEST, yes ladies and gents, you heard it here, the BEST red velvet cake this side of a Steel Magnolia groom's cake.  It's moist, delicious, and the icing is to. die. for.  Nuff said.  I also tried the scrum-didly-umptious Strawcup Berrycake and it was "Berry" awesome.  You can't get the atmosphere (cool, funky, zen) or the taste (oh so divine) without experiencing it yourself, so if you're craving a cool city vibe, slide on over to Crave for a devlish good time:)

And if you want to know about the hookah (completely LEGAL and innocuous folks), I may have a story to tell:)

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